Systemboard 400A - Frame with bottom

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Tool Storage Container SystemBoard

Transport and storage container in modular design for organized storage and safe transportation of cutting tools


  • Polyamid (PA 6)

Product Range

  • frames and intermediate frames in black
  • inserts in a variety of colors
  • pegboards in black

Product features SystemBoard

  • interchangeable inserts (diam. 3-40 mm) offer options for customizing
  • precise positioning allows automatic loading and unloading
  • usable depth 25 mm or 40 mm simply by reversal of inserts
  • stackable, fits for stock and transport boxes
  • sturdy design, combined with impact resistant material ensures protection against damage
  • intermediate frame 400 B for long parts
  • suitable for immersion baths for cleaning and coating
  • temperature resistant (up to 120 degrees Celsius)
  • solvent resistant

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