Gühring Super-Indexer, "MILLING" upgrade

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This upgrade of the Super-Indexer is dedicated to various Milling operations.

It's designed for Roughing Steel or Aluminium, as well as for finishing Milling operations.

The tools were carefully selected for performing operations on Steels (including Stainless), Cast Irons and non-ferrous metals like Aluminium.

The upgrade contains a Supporting Rule, Aluminium Inserts, and Cutting Tools (see below description).

This upgrade of the Super-Indexer is designed for MILLING operations in diameters 6, 8, 10 and 12mm.

The "MILLING" upgrade contains:

  • 12 Aluminium Inserts at Tools Size. 
    • 1 x Supporting Rule for 13 inserts
    • Important mention: Base Tray is not included.
  • 12 cutting Tools:
    • 4 x Roughing Mill- Serie 5504
      • CW - Fire treatment
    • 4 x Roughing Mill for Aluminium - Serie 5655
      • CW
    • 4 x Finishing Mill- Serie 5545
      • CW - Fire treatment

This extension is compatible with the STARTER plateform (MC00DRV1-STARTER) and MASTER plateform (MC00DRV1-MASTER)

The Super-Indexer is bundle of cutting tools specially designed for machinists and workshops operating on little or middle-range production series, especially prototypers and job-shoppers. It was designed by modulating various families of tools from the brand Gühring ™, a worlwide recognized toolmaker for the high quality, precision and durability of its tools. The Tools on board the Super-Indexer are used on Milling machines, Lathes, Drillers, may they be, or not, Numerically Controlled. It's aiming especially the works on Steels (Common, Highly Alloyed, Stainless), on Casting Iron, Aluminium or other non-ferrous metals.

The Super-Indexer, in its full version, allows to operate the following operations:

• M02 to M12: Centering, Drilling, Threading, Milling Keyslots, Reaming, Countersinking, Counterboring.
• Drilling and reaming holes for tapered Keys.
• Milling slots for « Woodruff» keys.


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