Aligner PN1 for Broaching Tools UT03, UT04, UT05

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This aligner must be used for precise alignement of broaching tool.

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Aligners for broaching or slotting are used on machining centres or milling machines to achieve correct tool assembly. They screw on in place of the insert and, thanks to their shape featuring a straight surface, using a simple gauge or comparator, they make it possible to attach the broaching tool correctly with respect to the reference axes of the workpiece.
They are available in 5 sizes, covering the entire range of broaching tools: the PN-1 alignment runner is used for all tools that broach 3-4-5 mm, PN-2 runner for all tools that broach 6-8 mm, PN-3 runner for all tools that broach 10-12 mm, PN-4 runner for all tools that broach 14-16 mm and PN-5 for all tools that broach 18 mm to 28 mm.

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